About - Evolve Recycling Inc.

Evolve Recycling Inc. is Canada’s leader in tire recycling. As a fully-integrated tire recycling we collect end-of-life tires of all sizes from across Ontario. We process these tires into crumb rubber in a variety of specifications. Our crumb rubber is used in various applications including:

  • For industrial applications
  • In-fill for artificial sports surfaces
  • Multi-purpose matting
  • Other innovative moulded products


Evolve Recycling is also a manufacturer of high quality moulded rubber products. Evolve Recycling is your solution for:

  • Rubber landscaping pavers
  • Multi-purpose mats of varying sizes, styles and colours
  • Bases for safety cones
  • Other innovative moulded products


Evolve Recycling is commited to

  • Its customers by providing the highest quality product
  • Protecting our environment by keeping tires out of our landfills; and
  • Zero residual waste through the recycling process